Gallagher Estates
Gallagher Estates have actively sought the participation of local people in developing proposals for the site.

As well as the normal consultation process undertaken in connection with the submission of the planning applications, a Steering Group including District and Parish Councillors have helped to formulate the proposals.

A four-day public exhibition about the development was held in June 2002 and a community planning day was held in August 2002, which included workshops and hands-on planning groups. Results of the community planning day were evaluated and the development team moved onto the next stage of the design, taking into account the views of the community developed in the workshops.

The results of this work were then reported back to the community in October 2002.

In May 2003 a one-day workshop was held with public service providers.

Leaflets and questionnaires have been published and circulated widely and comments and responses have been incorporated into the development proposals.

The main changes made as a result of public comment have been to distribute the areas of open space more evenly across the site and to try and ensure traffic movements are spread by introducing additional points of access.