Arbury Vision

Arbury Vision


Gallagher Estates
Arbury Park has been designed to make the best use of available land in order to create a viable and sustainable community, which is integrated into the local area.

The development will provide a broad range of housing types, including a significant number of affordable houses.

Commercial development may include employment uses relating to research and technology based industries. Land for employment will be situated alongside the A14 and this will act as a buffer, reducing noise levels across the rest of the site and beyond.

A number of local community facilities will be built, including a new primary school and sport and play areas. These facilities will serve people in surrounding communities, as well as the new residents of Arbury Park.

Arbury Park will be well served by existing and new public transport links, including buses and the proposed Cambridgeshire Guided Busway. The site’s street network will accommodate, rather than encourage, the use of private cars, with priority given to promoting cycling, walking and public transport. By providing local employment and amenities, the development will also reduce reliance on the car.

The development team is led by landowners and master developers Gallagher Estates. Lands Improvement Holdings, Kings Hedges Investments Ltd and Cambridge City Council are joint landowners.

The development is arranged around a number of key open spaces, including a ‘Circus’, a ‘Square’ and more informal areas.

Abury Park - Neighbourhoods

The open spaces, sport, recreation and play facilities will be both hard and soft landscaped, and will also be potential locations for public art.

Security will be promoted throughout the site by ensuring that all publicly accessible spaces are well overlooked. Any public buildings, for example, will have strong entrance designs and a clear delineation between public and private areas. Many of the car parking areas will also be overlooked by neighbouring developments.