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Welcome to the Arbury Park website.

The Arbury Park development will provide a contemporary, attractive and vibrant new Cambridge neighbourhood. Located on the northern fringe of the city, close to Cambridge Regional College and the Science Park, the mixed-use development will deliver much needed housing, with 900 new homes - including a high percentage of affordable housing - as well as employment opportunities, a primary school and new community facilities.

Latest News
Masterdeveloper Gallagher Estates recently sought views and suggestions for the Public Square, the final area of public open space to be built at Arbury Park. Thank you to all those who completed questionnaires. A report of the responses is now being prepared and this will help to shape plans for the Public Square. A copy of the report and details of the prize draw will be posted on this website.

Over 200 Arbury Park homes are now occupied. The Community Development Officer offers support and advice to new residents and provides links to the existing communities nearby.

Orchard Park Community School gates Orchard Park Community Primary School, which opened in September 2007, aims to be the first school in Cambridgeshire to achieve eco-school status. The schoolīs gates (pictured left) were designed by artist Adam Booth as part of the developmentīs Public Art Programme. The programme is coordinated by South Cambridgeshire District Council and funded by Gallagher Estates and Arts & Business. Arbury Park will also include an employment area, a community centre and sport and play areas.

A wide range of properties will be built at Arbury Park and leading house builders have been appointed to develop plots within the site. They will all work to the guidelines set out by master developer Gallagher Estates in the Design Guide, to ensure that important issues such as the quality, character, sustainability and distinctiveness of the development are considered at every stage.

To find out more about the new homes at Arbury Park:
Telephone 01926 339339

For further information regarding the affordable housing, please contact:
The on site Community Sales Cabin: 01954 714900 or 07917 555330
Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association on 01234 791000
Places for People on 01603 886925. Alternatively, visit www.placesforpeople.co.uk or www.bpha.org.uk

You can read all about the Arbury Park development on this website which will be updated regularly with details of the latest news and progress.

Aerial view of Arbury Park in December 2007

Aerial view of Arbury Park during summer 2007

Aerial views of Arbury Park during December 2007 (top) and summer 2007